If you only follow major media, you probably have never heard the names Bobby Piton, Dr. Douglas Frank, Seth Keshel, Draza Smith, and Ed Solomon. There are certainly many others but these are mathematicians and statisticians who dug deep into the 2020 election results and found a number of curious phenomena. Many Election Integrity Idaho members have followed this work, particularly that which focused on Idaho elections. Here is a summary to get you up to speed on this fascinating and disturbing perspective on the 2020 election results.

  • Seth Keshel: Keshel has reviewed all 50 states by county (over 3000 counties). When historical voting trends do not align with the 2020 results, Keshel provides a colorized ‘heat map’ to identify the most egregious discrepancies by county. A good summary of Keshel’s analysis is here: https://electionfraud20.org/seth-keshel-reports/idaho/
Keshel’s ‘heat map’ of Idaho. While cleaner than most states, Ada county drew a yellow tag and Keshel believes 15,000 votes were flipped to Biden in Ada County.

  • Dr. Douglas Frank: Did you know that 40 yr olds vote in about the same percentage in every county in Idaho? And not just 40 yr olds but every age from 18-100. Whether it is an urban county or rural, people vote in about the same percentage by age. Sound peculiar? Now take a look at another State and discover that 40 yr olds vote in a different percentage but that new percentage will be about the same in every county in that State. Frank saw this happen over and over as he analyzed actual vote results and coined his signature phrase ‘that ain’t natural, buddy’. For more details on Dr. Frank’s work: https://electionfraud20.org/dr-frank-reports/
  • Draza Smith: Still another approach was from Draza Smith, a long time employee with Sandia Labs. Her approach was to review NY Times data feeds of election results. These come from Edison and are publicly available sets. She has done considerable work charting these raw data feeds and noticed as well that the outcomes seems to be controlled rather than organic. For more information on her work: https://electionfraud20.org/draza-reports/
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