With half of Americans believing that cheating impacted the outcome of the 2020 election, we have a crises of confidence. A key to alleviating concerns is transparency. When our election systems are not understood, skepticism will likely follow.

Election Integrity Idaho first formed in July of 2021 and many members began learning how our election systems worked. This effort not only began in Idaho, but in every State in the nation. These grassroot groups of volunteers from all walks of life began collaborating within their own State and between the States. Combined, they have been a potent force doing research and sharing their findings.

While the process of learning about our election systems is on-going, we have developed a 13 point summary of our research and provided an A-F grade on each point as to its level of transparency. The full white paper can be viewed and/or downloaded below.

We know clerks and other elections officials are being inundated with requests. It is not our goal to make their jobs more difficult than they already are. Rather, we hope this document serves as a tool to help pinpoint specific issues to address in order to help solve the problem.

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