Blueprint to Restore Trust in Idaho Elections

Recent Rasmussen polling shows that half of America believes cheating impacted the outcome of the 2020 election and will influence the 2022 election. Whether they are right or wrong, this is a crisis that must be addressed. Election Integrity Idaho members and election integrity groups around the country have immersed themselves in the study of our elections. Transparency is key to restoring trust and our white paper identifies 13 elements that provide a blueprint for solving this crisis.

The Truth About the Truth Summit

Mike Lindell of MyPillow fame has been a lightning rod for election integrity controversy. His assertions at his Symposium in August of 2021 ultimately led to a lawsuit here in Idaho with our Secretary of State and Attorney General. The sequel to the Symposium was the Truth Summit held Aug 20-21 in Springfield, MO. While Lindell presented additional information about his controversial evidence, perhaps the most important story about the Summit was the 50 State showcase of grassroots election integrity efforts.

So What is Election Integrity Idaho?

Election Integrity Idaho is a grassroots, volunteer, informal organization dedicated to the preservation of accurate elections in Idaho.

We came about as the public began to question election integrity in a number of states throughout the nation. Those of us in Idaho banded together to make sure similar problems have not existed in the past in our state, as well as to assure they are not introduced in the future. In November 2021, the group formed its own channel on Telegram and soon thereafter, a website. Due to the size of the state, for members to work together and hold occasional face-to-face meetings, four regional groups have been established, each with its own Telegram sub-channel—EII North, Southwest, South Central, and Southeast. In addition, we are on a number of social media sites as a means of reaching out to the public, and we belong to a number of like-minded organizations in other states.

Although we have yet to find irregularities to the extent that other States have, there is statistical evidence that is difficult to explain. While we continue to search, there are also things that can be done to limit vulnerability in the future. We are already working with county clerks and other election officials to address these vulnerabilities.

We encourage anyone who is interested in working to assure elections in Idaho are as accurate, timely, and transparent as possible, to join us.

The Top Three Reasons to Vote In Person Instead of Absentee

#3 – Ever lost anything in the mail? Why risk it by putting your valuable vote in the mail?

#2 – Did you know that the postal workers’ union endorsed Joe Biden? Do you trust a partisan group to handle your vote?

And the number one reason to vote in person …

#1 – Chain of custody – because absentee votes are cast out of view of election workers and poll watchers, the potential for fraud and coercion is much higher.

√ Friends don’t let friends vote absentee

”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

–Martin Luther King, Jr. ‹› ‹›

Download printable copy: NewsLetterOctober

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